Email from Chris Hawkins
Dear Mr & Mrs Carroll

Two years ago, I visited the USA for the first time. My husband and son had two glorious weeks in Orlando, shortly after the awful events of 9/11/2001, to celebrate our 25thWedding Anniversary. During our stay, we purchased the 'Orlando Sentinel' because we were interested in the reactions to the terrorist attacks and their aftermath in the USA.

On our return, I had to prepare a sermon for the Sunday when the church commemorates St Jude. I'm afraid that the inspiration would not come and I found myself browsing through 'The Sentinel'. It was then that I came across Kristin's obituary. I was both moved and inspired by the story of your beautiful and courageous daughter.

I fact, through looking at her website, I was inspired to write the attached sermon for that Sunday. I had hoped to seek your permission to include a reference to Kristin before I preached, but I was encountering all sorts of difficulties with E-Mail at the time and was unable to contact you. I went ahead with the sermon and I have to say that people were really interested in Kristin's story and asked all sorts of questions about her afterwards.

I recently came across mycopy of the newspaper again and keenly looked up Kristin's website - I was so pleased to see that it is still 'active'.

I attach my sermon for you - it's not the greatest thing ever written, but I thought that you would like to know that, even in death, Kristin has continued to inspire and encourage by her gutsy approach to living life (to the full).

I hope that my use of your daughter's story will not offend you in any way. Thank you for continuing the website and for allowing me to have an insight into the extraordinary life of a brave and talented young woman. I was left with the huge impression of just how much love had been given to Kristin throughout her life. She would not have been half the person she was without the love and support that you both gave to her - of that I have no doubt. Her story was redolent with overflowing and limitless love - what a gift!

Thanks be to God that you were Kristin's parents and that she had so many friends and colleagues whose lives were touched by her.

I do so hope that you continue to be blessed by her memory, even though it must be terribly painful for you at times.

Thank you again

My very best wishes to you both

Yours in Christ

Chris Hawkins

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You may want to celebrate Kris' life by sending a donation to:

The Center for Spina Bifida & Related Conditions
Kennedy Krieger Institute
707 North Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205

Acknowledge to:
Tina & Jim Palmborg
Lewis & Clark Square
250 W. Main St. # 501
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Email The Palmborg's here

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